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i get by with a little help from my friends

i get high with a little help from my friends

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Shows attended once I got some taste...... Which started in 2005, in case you were keeping track.
And an * designates that I met the band. # means I worked the gig

2004- I saw Lewis Black sometime in June/July
2005- July 4: Lewis Black, Ben Folds October 11: Raining Jane*# October 20something: Bombshell*/Chris Cagle*# October 26: The Fray/Ben Folds November: Chinua Hawk*# December 16: The Fray/Alanis Morissette/Ben Folds*

2006- February 25: Les Miserables March 8: Chris Mills/Ben Folds* March 11: Chris Mills/Ben Folds* March 12: Chris Mills/Ben Folds May 27: 5 Card Studs/Ben Folds*/Violent Femmes June 21: Anna Nalick*/Train October 24: Titler*/Ben Folds* November 4: Corn Mo/Ben Folds November 5: Corn Mo*/Ben Folds* November 6: Corn Mo*/Ben Folds* November 16: Alison Brown*# November 20: The Alternate Routes*#

2007- January 10: Mute Math*/The Fray*# April 2: Eef Barzelay*/Ben Folds* April 26: Ben Kweller* May 18: We the Living* June 19: Ben Folds/John Mayer June 27:Cloud Cult* June 28: Steely Dan# June 29: Styx/Foreigner/Def Lepoard# June 30: Mae*/OK Go/The Fray# July 1: Chris Brown/Ciara/Ludacris# July 2:Roger Waters# July 3:Ben Folds*(Sam)/John Mayer# July 4: Tool# July 5: Bon Jovi# July 6: Daughtry# July 7: The Hush Sound/The Academey Is.../Gym Class Heroes/Panic! at the Disco# July 8: Miranda Lambert/Toby Keith# July 9: Jesca Hoop/The Polyphonic Spree* (Tim). July 17: Built to Spill July 18: The Decemberists + Chicago Symphony * (Chris and Jenny) July 25: Ben Kweller* July 30: Dappled Cities*/Switches/The Fratellis August 17: Oh No! Oh My!/Au Revoir Simone August 19: Weird Al September 9: Black Moth Super Rainbow/The Flaming Lips* September 22: Andrew Bird* September 29: Ben Lee* October 6: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah October 7: Eisley/Mute Math* October 13: Lovedrug/Shiny Toy Guns/Yellowcard/Blue October October 14: Andrew Bird*/Wilco October 21: Hotel Lights* November 9: Modest Mouse November 18: Avenue Q December 19: Ben Folds*(J&S) December 27: Chuck Folds Five* December 28: Snuzz*
2008- January 5: Two Ton Boa/Meow Meow/The Dresden Dolls* January 10: Katie Todd*# February 1: Raining Jane*# February 29: Eef Barzelay/Ben Folds*(Sam) March 1: Eef Barzelay/Ben Folds* (Jared and Sam) March 2: Eef Barzelay*/Ben Folds *(J&S) March 3: Eef Barzelay/Ben Folds*(J&S) March 10: Ha Ha Tonka*# March 31: Far-Less*/Between the Trees*/Honorary Title/Mae# April 6: Eels April 17: Ben Lee/Jack's Mannequin/Ben Folds*(J&S) April 19: Ari Herstand*/Ben Folds April 20: Ben Lee/Ben Folds* April 25: The Forms/Mason Proper/Cloud Cult* (2 shows) May 28: Julia Nunes/Ben Folds May 29: Rubberband* May 30: Julia Nunes/Ben Folds* May 31: The Old Ceremony* June 24: Ferraby Lionheart/Eef Barzelay* June 26: They Might Be Giants June 29: The Polyphonic Spree August 2: The Octopus Project/Okkervil River* August 8: Vermillion Lies/ Amanda Palmer* August 14: AA Bondy/Bon Iver September 3: Ben Folds + Nashville Symphony September 18: Hotel Lights*/BEN FOLDS FIVE*** October 1: Kevin Devine* October 3: Ben Folds + Fort Wayne Symphony October 9: Missy Higgins/Ben Folds* October 10: Missy Higgins/Ben Folds*(J&S) October 11: Jewel/Ben Folds*(S)/Death Cab for Cutie October 12: Fleet Foxes October 13: The Mountain Goats October 14: Ben Kweller* October 17: Missy Higgins/Ben Folds* (Everyone but Ben) October 26: of Montreal November 18: Jenny Owen Youngs* December 3: Builders and Butchers/Zoe Keating/Amanda Palmer*December 31: CAKE

2009:February 18: The Watson Twins/Ben Kweller* March 7: The Old Ceremony* March 14: Lenka/Missy Higgins/Justin Nozuka March 19: Jukebox the Ghost*/Ben Folds* March 21: Jukebox the Ghost*/Ben Folds* March 27: Heligoats/Clem Snide* April 30: Jenny Owen Youngs/Jukebox the Ghost* May 27: Ben Folds* May 28: Ben Folds May 29: Miniature Tigers/Kevin Devine* June 8: The Alternate Routes*/Carbon Leaf# June 10: The Alternate Routes*/Carbon Leaf# July 11: Skybox/Ben Folds* August 7-9: Lollapalooza September 12: Little Joy/Regina Spektor* September 27: Kate Miller-Heidke/Ben Folds October 16: Dosh/Andrew Bird October 17: St. Vincent/Andrew Bird October 30:Kate Miller-Heidke/Ben Folds* October 31: Ben Folds and the Minnesota Symphony Orchestra November 8: SnuzzFest* November 16: The Old Ceremony*
2010 -March 6: The Low Anthem/ The Avett Brothers* (Seth) March 12: Skybox*/ Jukebox the Ghost*/ Tally Hall April 2: Mayer Hawthorne & the County/ The Bear Hands/ Passion Pit April 19: Kate Miller-Heidke*/ Ben Folds April 20: Kate Miller-Heidke/Ben Folds April 21: Kate Miller-Heidke*/ Ben Folds June 25: Jukebox the Ghost* July 7: KasierCartel/ Kate Miller-Heidke* August 7: The Spinto Band/ Skybox/ Jukebox the Ghost* September 10: Brandi Carslie/ The Avett Brothers September 24: Janelle Monae/ of Montreal October 12: Elizabeth & the Catapult*/ Jukebox the Ghost* October 15: DM Stith/Sufjan Stevens October 19: The Besnard Lakes/Band of Horses November 4: Lady Danville*/ Ben Folds* November 6 - Lady Danville*/ Ben Folds* November 7 - Lady Danville*/ Ben Folds November 8 - Jukebox the Ghost*/ Barenaked Ladies November 17 - Mucca Pazza/The Dresden Dolls* (a)
2011 -January 27: Street Corner Symphony*/ Ben Folds January 28: Street Corner Symphony* (just Jeremy)/ Ben Folds* (Ryan & Sam) April 28: Pretty & Nice/ Wakey!Wakey!/ Jukebox the Ghost* (two shows) May 14: CAKE June 7: The Head and The Heart/ Iron & Wine June 10: Jukebox the Ghost* June 16: Daniel Martin Moore/ My Morning Jacket July 6: Cage the Elephant/ Florence + the Machine/ The Black Keys July 7: Marnie Stern/ The Flaming Lips
July 9: The Flaming Lips July 22: The Rosebuds/ Bon Iver July 23: The Rosebuds/ Bon Iver August 6: Lollapalooza (Big Bang Boom* / Ween / Lykke Li/ My Morning Jacket) September 18: Fitz and Tantrums/ Ben Folds September 30: The Avett Brothers November 18: The Avett Brothers November 19: The Avett Brothers*
2012 -January 23: Allen Stone/Jukebox the Ghost*/Jack's Mannequin January 24: Allen Stone*/Jukebox the Ghost*/Jack's Mannequin January 25: Allen Stone/Jukebox the Ghost*/Jack's Mannequin February 8: Jeff Mangum February 18: Dr Dog March 7: The Avett Brothers March 12: Merriment/ Eisley March 18: William Shatner March 25: Andrew Bird March 31: Ben Kweller

April 15: Death Cab for Cutie
April 17: Ari Herstand?
April 28: Hotel Lights
May 15: The Polyphonic Spree
May 16: The Polyphonic Spree
June 7-10: Bonnaroo
July 5: The Avett Brothers (Summerfest)

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